DawnChorus Basics

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DawnChorus Basics

Post by Quwilly on Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:06 am

So! Now that we have the forums up, we can get to work. First off, we've established some basics for the setting of the server to build off of. We want tot go ahead and post them for you guys to see as you come in so you can get a feel of what the roleplay will be like when everything is up and running. Here is a summary of the setting as it stands right now:

DawnChorus takes place in a sector of the Milky Way galaxy, some time in the 2300s. Many planets are beginning to run out of resources, and are turning to the frontier of space to establish new colonies and civilizations. Between these new settlements, the only communication available is FTL Radio communication, and travel between planets can take days if traveling by large ships. Teleporters aren't much help, as they only work from ship to planet, and from place to place on planets. The settling has gone on for just over a generation at this point, allowing for some people to have been born and raised on these settlements. Most are small colonies, but other, larger cities have popped up around the large radio communication centers.

So basically, we're trying to cover most, if not all, of the sci-fi genres in this way. You want Mad Max style sci-fi wastelands? Go make a settlement! Want your own secluded, mysterious cult in space? Go make that. Want a corrupt cyperpunk city? Want space spaghetti westerns? You can pretty much do anything in your own little settlement. We plan to have building on the server, so you'll be able to find your own planet to colonize and explore. We also plan on doing medium sci-fi with some light elements of fantasy.

So that's what we plan on the setting being. Right now, we'll be working on getting lore and other things done before the server is really up and running. Plus with StarBound just coming out of beta a couple of days ago, we've got a bit of learning to do ourselves considering update has changed the game quite a lot.

We'll keep you updated!~ Like a Star @ heaven

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